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Free Websites. No Hosting, No Fees, No Advertising.

Free Website and Hosting

Up and Running in Minutes

Easy-to-Use Tools

Have you considered creating a personal website or journal? Are you starting a new business or have a project that is starting to get noticed? With our app, you can be up and running with a professional website in a matter of minutes and it won’t cost you a thing.

Create free, fast an responsive websites without any hosting fees, coding or annoying advertising.



No Cost or Advertising

Personal and Business Websites

You are free to host as many pages or projects as you like and our free websites will allow you to have over 100 visitors a day and enough storage space for hundreds of photos and videos.

With our professional templates and your content, you can be creating a website in minutes site that is as fast and reliable aas those taking thousands of dollars to produce.

Flexible Hosting

Are you tired of paying expensive monthly fees, or purchasing templates only to learn that they won’t work for your project? Start building right away, and see your website come together in minutes. It won't cost you a thing and you can start sharing your content the same day.

Everything you need to build a complete website is free with our service. If you want to associate your domain with our secure servers or want more storage, we offer flexibles upgrade options. Options include adding more storage, Google Analytics, SEO tools and Typekit Support.

The Future of Web Development

With off-the-shelf templates and online services, it has become possible for anyone to build a websites on their own. Unfortunately, until now this has meant paying monthly fees or putting up with annoying advertising.

With the cost of hosting and cloud storage dropping rapidly, we can now offer free websites to everyone with no banner ads, no watermarks and no monthly fees.


Free Website and Blog

Our app makes it incredibly easy to start your own website or blog. Sign up, choose a professional template and start adding your content. It really is that easy.

Websites built with our platform are fast and secure and with our custom tools, you can add content, videos, shopping buttons and more working direclty on the pages your visotors will see.

Take the guesswork out of building websites, working in real-time with powerful easy-to-use tools.


Easy-to-Use Tools


Our tools will have you up and running in a matter of minutes, posting articles, uploading photos and building professional layouts quickly and easily. Finding reliable developers is a challenge. With our app, you create everything, choosing layouts, adding photos, building menus and publishing pages, tasks that used to involve hours of work and a team of designers and developers.

Build for the future

Our service is perfect for people just getting started and those looking for a complete busines website solutions. The tempaltes we offer use modern code, are fast and designed from the ground up to be repsonsive and work on all modern devices.